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How we started, what we believe in and how we make a difference...

My name is Marcus Evans and I am the founder of Clean Lifestyle Janitorial Services. My efforts in this journey are mainly accredited to my mother and family. Cleaning is in my blood. My mother worked for and owned a small cleaning business in Vicksburg, MS for several years. She taught me the benefits to a clean home and workplace. Her work ethic never went unnoticed either. People from all reaches of our hometown knew her by name and had nothing but the best things to say about her. I remember feeling so lucky when she would take me to work with her. She showed me what chemicals were best on different surfaces, how to properly scrub and polish any type of floor, and how to remove even the toughest greases and stains.

By the time I was 12 years old, I was able to distinguish the difference between degreasing chemicals and descaling chemicals, and how to dilute the stronger chemicals without dissolving the potency or effectiveness, and finally, the importance of proper sanitization of frequently used areas (especially in office/restaurant environments).  What started as a life lesson, became my life-long journey. I have learned so many things from her, but her most powerful lesson was to never cut corners. She always said she did not care what I chose to do with my future as long as I made a difference.


How we make your Business SHINE!

We conduct a thorough background check of all our crew members for the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

Our employees are put through a rigorous training process to ensure the best quality work with high-level performance.

Our equipment and chemicals are all state of the art

We realize that cleaning is not an easy or fun task for anyone. Let us take care of your cleaning so you can enjoy more important things. We at Clean Lifestyle Janitorial Services are proud of our commitment to our clients and our history of excellence.



Superior Cleaning Solutions


Deep Dusting

Dusting sprays do NOT remove dust, they just push the dust around and move dust into crevices which cannot be reached. We remove the dust forever with microfiber cloths and feather dusters that grab the dust. We always dust from top to bottom to ensure nothing is left behind. Oil soap and other furniture-safe chemicals are used as well to polish and restore to the original look.

Restroom Sanitizing

Germs are everywhere! Restrooms are the highest germ-filled area in a home or office. Using all-purpose cleaner, we scrub the most commonly used areas with a strong disinfectant to remove those pesky germs that clobber around the seats, handles, sinks etc. The most important key to our sanitization process is the prevention of future mildew, grease, and stains with our gentle, but potent, soaps and our pH-neutral cleaners guaranteeing a long-lasting clean.



Some people say there is no right or wrong way to vacuum a floor. We disagree! There is an art to vacuuming that many people do not follow. We always vacuum after we dust, we move furniture to get into those rarely noticeable places, and we always pay close attention to the high- traffic areas where most of the dirt collects.


Floor Care


It all depends on the floor! We always use a rayon-finished mop which prevents streaks and keeps a long-lasting shine.



We offer a scrub or floor stripping with a neutralizer to remove any residues of wax build-up or grease. We will strip and repeat as many times needed to ensure no dirt/grease deposits are remaining.


We use gentle but effective cleaners and soaps such as vinegar, essential oils, alcohol, and even baking soda to rejuvenate and restore that original shine.


Waxing service is completed either by hand or using buffer (depending on floors). We can provide you with options that will meet your needs.


Trash Disposal

Trash is always collected and safely removed from the facility and placed in disposal containers either on or off the property depending on your needs. Clean Lifestyle Janitorial Services recognizes the importance of the correct handling of organic, solid, and hazardous wastes and commits to ensuring all trash is disposed of properly.

Window Cleaning

We provide the same services as a company that specialize in window cleaning, always moving from top to bottom and leaving the windows sparkling.



Both parties will work off of a written proposal that details janitorial services provided and their cost for the first 3 months. You can make a change to your cleaning service or even terminate janitorial services with a phone call. After 3 months we would set a 6-12 month contract depending on how comfortable the customer feels.

We are insured and bonded. This is to protect you against damaged property or injury to person while our staff is on your property performing office cleaning janitorial cleaning services.

Yes, we’re in touch with environmental concerns and prepared to present green friendly solutions.

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